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Customizable Lash Extensions

Our SNlashes Stylists Would First Help Clients Pick The Materials, Then Select Various Length And Curviness Which Depends On The Client Distinctive Eye Shape And Their Natural Lashes. All Our Stylists Are Highly Trained And Provide An Even Application Of Lashes On Both Eyes. Our Stylist Would Help Our Clients Create A Look That’d Both Dramatic Yet Natural Result.


After You Get Your Full Set, We Recommend Our Clients To Come Back Every 2-3 Weeks For A Refill Retouch Because Our Natural Lashes Have A Growth Cycle Of 60-90 Days. Therefore After 2-3 Weeks Your Natural Lashes Will Fall Out And It Would Not Remain The Same As Your New Sets Weeks Ago. Depending On Your Natural Growth Cycle, Most Of Our Clients Would Still Have At Least 50-70% Off The Lash Extensions. In Additional We Recommend Removing All Lash Extensions And Reapplying New Set After 1-2 Retouches.

Types Of Lashes We Provide

Faux Mink
Made with Polyester fibers and the heaviest between Premium Silk and Real Mink. The Synthetic Mink created a bold and dramatic look.

Premium Silk
Made with synthetic base silk fibers, they are the mid-weight type of extensions and are finer and more flexible than synthetic mink but holds the curl shape the best.

Real Mink
Made with mink hair and they are the lightest amongst the premium silk and synthetic mink. The real mink will give an extremely natural look.

Premium Ellipse
The premium ellipse lashes will give a thicker and bolder appearance without adding too much weight on the natural lashes. Unlike synthetic lashes, it has a flat base which helps bond the natural lashes better.

Volume 3D 4D 5D
Multiple lashes applied to single natural eyelash individually isolating one natural eyelash at a time. 3D - three lash extensions are applied to one natural lash and 4D - four lash extensions are applied to one natural lash.5D - Five lash extensions are applied to one natural lash. Volume lashes are lighter and fluffier and give the client a fuller and dramatic look.

Natural eye
Lashes are enhanced by adding subtle length and volume 4d.
Open eye (Cute)
Longer lashes are placed in the center of the eye and make the eyes appear bigger and rounder.
Doll eye (Sweet)
Overall add length throughout the eye and creates a voluminous effect.
Cat eye (Sexy)
Longer lashes are placed on the outer corners of the eyes and elongate the eyes.
Eyelash Extension Designs
J curl lashestribeca B curl LashestribecaD curl lashestribecaC curl Lashestribeca
J curl is closest to human eylashes to create more natrual look.
B curl is in between J curl and C curl for natraully curled look.
C curl is to create luscious look without using a seperate eye curler.
D curl is recommended to create more defined eyes.

Basic Lash Set

Mink / Faux Mink

Full New Set (100 pieces/eyes) ---------- $109

Retouch* -------------------------- $79

Premium Silk

Full New Set (100 pieces/eyes) --------- $129

Retouch* ------------------------- $99

Real Mink or Premium Ellipses

Full New Set (100 pieces/eyes) --------- $149

Retouch* -------------------------- $109

3D - 6D - 9D

Full New Set (200 pieces/eyes) ---------------- $219

Retouch ---------------------------------- $179


Bottom Set ----------------------------------- $59

Bottom Retouch(within 2 weeks) -------- $39

Classic Set Removal ------------------------ $25

Volume Set Removal ---------------------- $35

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out more about eyelash extensions services by SNlashes?

How Long Does It Takes To Apply The Eyelash Extensions? +

A full new applications of lash extensions takes about 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Does Lash Extensions Hurts? +

No, the application should not hurt. We would kindly ask clients to completely close their eyes during the process to prevent the adhesive from stinging their eyes. If you have sensitive eyes, please inform our stylists to switch to sensitive adhesive.

How Long Does The Lash Extensions Usually Lasts? +

We recommend customers to return for a retouch/refill every 2-3 weeks because your natural lashes will fall out along with the lash extensions.

How Do I Care For Lash Extensions After Application? +

Avoid any moisture and heat for the first 48 hours, If you would need to remove makeup around your eye area, we recommend using makeup remover wipes. Do not rub or pick on your lashes. Do not sleep on your face because it will flatten your extensions. Please brush every morning and night or whenever you wet your lashes. Please do not apply mascara and do not perm or tint your lash extensions.

Can I Still Apply Makeup? +

Absolutely, but avoid oil based products on your eye area and also your face. Try to avoid minimum eye makeup because when you remove your makeup you will rub your eyes and cause premature extensions loss.

Can I Still Wear Mascara? +

No, we do not recommend using mascara because it will affect the adhesive on your lash extensions and cause premature extensions loss.

Can I Curl My Extensions? +

No, we do not recommend using curler because it would damage your extensions and also your own natural lashes.

Can I Remove My Own Lash Extensions? +

No, We do not recommend removing your lash extensions on your own. Please seek our professional lash extension stylish to remove the lashes with special solvent. It will help break the adhesive bonding and allow us to remove your lash extensions safely without damaging your own lashes.

How Long Should I Get A Retouch/Refills? +

We recommend clients to return for a retouch within 2-3 weeks. If your prior appointment have been more than 22 days, we will request customer remove the remaining lash extensions on their eyes and get a new full set.